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Better is not a destination; it is a journey...
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Family Owned, Veteran Operated.

We are SILO Vending Company a provider of local Dallas vending services. We provide vending services that offer quality drinks and snacks with superior service and the latest technology in vending machines. Let us help you give your employees the perks they’re craving.

It is good for them, good for you and good for business!



2229 Santa Anna Ave
Dallas, TX 75228

(469) 408-6827


Services Offered


snack & drink Vending

Simply put, food makes people happy. Offering convenient snack and drink vending services to your employees and customers can increase workplace engagement and productivity with no out of pocket cost to you!

silo advantage

  • First Class Service

  • Premium Vending Machines

  • No Cost to You

  • Healthy Options

  • Next Day Tech Service

  • Wide Assortment of Products

  • Cashless Payment Systems


coffee & filtered water

Research has shown that when a good coffee service is not provided in the workplace, over 20% of employees leave the office for coffee or tea. At an average of 15-30 minutes per day, the lost productivity can really add up!

silo advantage

  • Free Commercial Coffee Maker

  • No Hassle Plumbing for Waterline

  • Never Worry about Coffee Inventory

  • Never Change a Heavy Water Bottle

  • 24/7 Filtered Water

  • Free Maintenance

  • Low Monthly Fee


break room supplies

We understand how busy you can be everyday and the little things can go unnoticed. Let us take stocking your break room into our hands and keep it fully stocked by replenishing during our regular visit.

silo advantage

  • Never Run Low on Break Room Supplies

  • Weekly Service Available

  • Stock common supplies such as paper towels, cleaning supplies & cutlery

  • Greater Selection of Products

  • First Aid Supplies

  • Lower Costs

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